“Underheard” Update

A couple of days ago I posted about a program called Underheard in New York. They gave a group of homeless men prepaid cells phones and unlimited text messages to be used for Twitter. The project, which has been ongoing throughout the month of February, has definitely raised awareness of the homelessness situation, and given a voice to the previously “underheard.”

And now, thanks to the program and the social networking site, one of the men has actually been able to connect with his daughter after 11 years of separation. Daniel Morales started searching for his 27-year-old daughter Sarah Rivera about three weeks into the project. He posted his cell number, her name, and a photo of Rivera more than a decade old via Twitter, only to  receive a phone call from Rivera the very next day. The two were reunited on television today.

Just a little bit of happy news and an update!







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