Along Came an Interview

I should be in bed now. But tomorrow I have an interview and I am overwhelmed with equal parts anxiety and excitement.

The interview is in NYC, and the job includes doing freelance social media. It’s the perfect step in the door at an amazing company that I would really love to grow and be a part of.

I’ve had interviews in the past, but this one is different. My prior experiences, or at least the days leading up to them, were occupied almost completely with nervousness. This time, however, I’m going in with a balance of anxiousness and excitement.

I am genuinely excited to show them how perfect I am for this job. I’m excited to do my best and impress upon them my eagerness to be a part of their company. I’m excited to show them my worth and why I would be such a valuable asset. But, most of all, I’m excited to have this opportunity.

Who knows how tomorrow will go, and there’s the whole train ride into the city for me to bite my nails and freak out. But now, as I set aside my best professional outfit and mentally prepare myself with answers to pertinent questions, I’m overwhelmed with excitement.

Maybe this won’t be my big break, but then again maybe it will. All I know is that I’ve never felt more prepared to begin a career and I’m ready for an employer to discover this enthusiasm.

Wish me luck.

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