Time, you cruel fiend!

Well, well, well. Look-y here. Little old me has returned to the blogosphere. [Rhyming was not intentional but is certainly appreciated]

According to WordPress, my last entry was approximately 2 years ago, which seemed ridiculous and wholly inaccurate until I checked my “About Me” section and realized it still had me parading around as a 22 year old. Now, I may look 16, but I assure you I am a (fairly) newly minted 25-year-old.

A lot has changed in the past couple of years; in fact, I’ve become an adult (of sorts). Full time job (plus another part time job on the side), living on my own (or at least not with my parents). I even have a car payment which pretty much solidifies the fact that my journey into adulthood has reached its destination.

I’ve decided to take my former blog, a desperate portfolio for possible employers to see my pathetic measures of creativity and strong opinions, and turn it  into my own little project– still hopefully filled with attempts at creativity and strong opinions. Mainly, I’ve returned to my blog because the 140 character limit of Twitter is much too restricting for some of my more in-depth thoughts. Plus, let’s admit it, I sort of miss writing. Yes, I was the kid who complained about essays, all the while inwardly jumping with glee at the prospect of weaving together words and thoughts. And now I am that pathetic adult who misses writing essays so much that she has assigned her own writing agenda.

And that’s it. Annnnnd they’re off.

So here’s to new beginnings!


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