Hello, My Name Is…

Call me Tessa.

Who am I? Truthfully, no one of any real importance.

I graduated college in 2011 (which now seems oddly far away) with a degree in Public Relations, a minor in Psychology, and an “unofficial minor” in English Literature. I’ve now entered the “adult world” and work full time at a Children’s Museum doing Membership, Marketing and whatever other random task they throw my way (P.S. I sorta love it). In order to compensate for my low-paying yet highly rewarding and career-oriented job, I also work part time at the local gym. In my (limited) spare time I enjoy reading. A lot.

Other things that I think are important:

Dogs. Family. Books, like the real ones made out of paper and not just on a screen. British television. Childhood. Peanut butter as an essential dietary ingredient. Sherlock Holmes in all shapes and forms. Laughter and smiles with friends. Rainy days with blankets, tea and (surprise) a book. Random arts and crafts. Quotes. Comfort.

Things you’ll soon pick up on:

I use way too many parentheses. I’m a total nerd. I have opinions (sorry). Regularity and timeliness are not in my nature– posts will be sporadic with no rhyme or reason for their appearance. I have no agenda for this blog.

Why this blog?

Simply put– I miss writing. Sometimes I just want to erupt with all the thoughts and words in my head. Most of the time the only person who really cares about what I write  will be myself, but at least a blog gives me an outlet and a false sense of sharing.

Thanks for stopping by!


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