Snowy Days are Lazy Days

Yesterday and today have been officially deemed (by me, at least) “lazy days.” With the snow falling outside, I’ve taken the opportunity to enjoy a bit of R&R. True, the snow has forced me into these reclusive couple of days, but I’m far from complaining. Christmas has past and I’ve received more than my fair share of books that I can’t wait to begin, so having an excuse to stay inside and read is just what I need. I hear the blustering wind smack into my window pane. I hear my home’s heat turn on and feel as my room starts to warm up, in sharp contrast to the bitter outdoors. I hear the quiet on the roads– few cars will dare to travel during this storm. I feel peaceful and content. I love the snow.

I hope that everyone else who has been hit with this winter storm find equal joy in an idle day. Hopefully it hasn’t interrupted too many big plans, or impeded any necessary travel. All I can say is happy Snow Day. I hope it can be a Lazy Day for you as well.