Back to the Blog

It took me a couple of months of humid summer days and grueling summer job hours to get back in the game.

In May, I graduated from college (summa cum laude, thank you very much), and I felt the ground beneath my feet becoming dangerously unsteady. I returned home, taking up with my typical summer job, a constant and steady income that kept me, at least for a while, from worrying too greatly about my future in ‘the real world.’

But now, August is just around the corner, and as friends and family constantly remind me, it’s time to accept my status as a non-student, college graduate. There is no more delaying the inevitable. My job search must become a top priority rather than a passing concern.

So I’ve come back to the blog, which works as both a therapeutic sounding board for myself and a tool to keep me motivated and up-to-date with the world of media and communications. Basically, my return to the blogosphere is completely selfish, but I hope others will be just as happy to see me return.

This post is no more than an assertion of my return, an apology for my absence, and a proclamation of my intentions. I will continue posting on a regular basis, primarily concerning my usual topics, as well as a bit about my own job hunt and introduction to the ‘real world.’

Stay tuned!