Polite Tweeting

Twitter is big in the social media world, and what better way to spread your message than the coveted Retweet. But how exactly do you get the Retweet? Trying using your manners.

In a recent study by Internet marketing company HubSpot,  results showed that those who simply asked for the retweet, while using the magic word “please,” were those most often to get retweeted.

The study analyzed more than 10,000 tweets before noting that:

“51% of tweets that included ‘Please ReTweet’ were retweeted more than once, 39% of those including ‘Please RT’ were retweeted more than once, and only 12% of tweets that included neither were retweeted more than once.”

Of course, the tweets’ content and intended audience must also be taken into account when measuring the effectiveness of the simple “please.” Yet there is a statistical significance that undeniably supports the theory.

Still, it never hurts to spice up your messages: make it entertaining, interesting, relevant, humourous– whatever your audience would most want to see. I personally always enjoy interactive tweets, such as those that ask for my opinion or a response. Interesting links and attention-grabbing tags also tend to win over followers.

And, of course, when it comes to retweets, it never hurts to be a super famous celebrity with millions of doting fans and followers who hang on your every word/tweet, no matter how unimportant or nonsensical. For the rest of us– it just takes a bit of manners.