Creepy Advertising Appreciation Post: Skittles Scores

This is a Creepy Advertising Appreciation post. In particular, I would like to honor Skittles, Cheetos, and Burger for their spectacular output of weird.

Since its introduction to the market in 1979, Skittles  candy has successfully branded their product with the catchy slogan “taste the rainbow.” The phrase has been a classic in both the candy and advertising agencies, but times change and the colorful candy needed to make its latest mark on the consumers in order to stay relevant. Enter creepy ads.

We’ve all seen them. For years, the slightly disturbing Skittles advertisements have graced our television sets, leaving us with a shiver and a craving all at once. From the man with the Skittles-touch, to the anthropomorphic beard, the crazy concept have been seared into my mind.

Then, in April 2011, Skittles made their odd commercials viral, launching a series of “Interactive YouTube ads.” Perhaps the best known is the Skittles Touch Cat. Prefaced with the latest slogan: “Touch the Rainbow,” viewers are treated to a seemingly interactive video. As the user holds their finger to the screen, an adorable furry friend approaches and licks the screen. The disturbing part comes when that furry friend is replaced by a freaky friend, more specifically a grown man dressed as a cat, who then proceeds to continue licking your finger.

It’s just…odd. And yet– congratulations to Skittles, because they have cornered what I consider a niche market of odd advertisements. Other members of this bizarre group include the infamous Burger King ads and commercials featuring Chester Cheetos uncomfortable advances on human women.

To see some more of these disturbingly funny ads, follow these links:


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