Back to the Blog

It took me a couple of months of humid summer days and grueling summer job hours to get back in the game.

In May, I graduated from college (summa cum laude, thank you very much), and I felt the ground beneath my feet becoming dangerously unsteady. I returned home, taking up with my typical summer job, a constant and steady income that kept me, at least for a while, from worrying too greatly about my future in ‘the real world.’

But now, August is just around the corner, and as friends and family constantly remind me, it’s time to accept my status as a non-student, college graduate. There is no more delaying the inevitable. My job search must become a top priority rather than a passing concern.

So I’ve come back to the blog, which works as both a therapeutic sounding board for myself and a tool to keep me motivated and up-to-date with the world of media and communications. Basically, my return to the blogosphere is completely selfish, but I hope others will be just as happy to see me return.

This post is no more than an assertion of my return, an apology for my absence, and a proclamation of my intentions. I will continue posting on a regular basis, primarily concerning my usual topics, as well as a bit about my own job hunt and introduction to the ‘real world.’

Stay tuned!

The Musings of a Recent Graduate

My blog absence of late may or may not have gone unnoticed, but either way I’ve decided to try to sum up the reasoning behind it. You see, my dear readers, I am now a member of a group of people known as “Recent Graduates,” and thus feel a bit discombobulated and unsure of things. Let’s see if I can explain…

I’m at this awkward standstill in my life right now. I’ve freshly graduated college and now find myself flooded with mixed messages on the appropriate next steps. On one side, there are those who suggest taking time off and relaxing for a bit before diving into a full-time career. To me, this sound like a euphemism for what they’re really thinking: “You graduated with no job lined up? Oh how sad.” On the other hand, there is the constant societal  (not to mention parental) pressure to find a job, start a career, and start work on the rest of my life.

And so I’m at an uncomfortable, and unique, point in my life where the trail seems to fork and I know I must choose one or the other, the detour or the straight path. Yet, I can’t help but dillydally on my current path of indecision. I look around me and I realize how truly rare of a situation I am in.

For the majority of my life, summers were a time of limited work and of much need relaxation in between a regularly scheduled school year. Now, summer has become just another time when I should be employed—but I’m not.

I just recently accepted to work full-time at my back-up summer job—you know the deal: the place I’ve worked at since high school; the place that has no bearing on my real career, but at least provides me with a constant stream of minimum wage paychecks. My immediate thought upon accepting to “work everyday” in response to my bosses oh-so-professional text message was my own very eloquent: “Shit, I’m screwing myself over, aren’t I?” What happens if I get stuck in this rut?

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been steadily applying to jobs, but with no success. It’s gotten to the point where I yearn for even a rejection letter. The application process is so impersonal, most of which is done online by submitting word documents that will some how accurately reflect who you are to a future employer.

With the economy and the influx of new graduates, I can only assume that companies are swarming with excess applicants—myself included. After all, how do you make yourself stand out from the crowd? A witty cover letter? A spectacular list of work experience? All of this requires the hirer to look beyond an initial scan of the hundreds/thousands of applicants.

People are constantly assuring me that “something will show up” and “good for you, take some time off.” Little do they know how uncomfortable I feel about the whole situation. I feel like a disappointment for graduating without a job—I was a great student who really excelled in classes and graduated top of my major. While I am happy to have some rest and relaxation (interspersed with the good old ‘summer job’), I feel so unsteady. I want to settle back into some sort of routine in which I know where I’ll be come fall.

Ideally, I would still be in classes, but school is expensive and I’ve got enough loans to pay for the time being. And so I just sit around, waiting for my real life to start, and in the meantime I’ll go through the motions I’ve gone through every other summer. In addition, I’ll diligently apply to more and more jobs where I will undoubtedly be overlooked for a more qualified and experienced candidate. So as my friends carry on with their regularly scheduled lives—jobs, training, school—I find myself in this uncomfortable slump wondering: just where do I belong?

Spring Break, Blog Break

While my Spring Break didn’t involve any exotic locales or raging parties, it did include a significant amount of Rest and Relaxation.

Unfortunately for my adoring readers (this is basically just a shout-out to my mom who has been kind enough to visit my site from time to time), this also meant a big of a break from the blogosphere.

But never fear, for I have returned! Ah, but what to write about? One would think that after more than a week of absence, my brain should be brimming with ideas of possible posts. Instead, I am faced with a spell of writer’s block, a misfortune I seem to almost perpetually suffer from.

So instead of a typical PR or media commentary, I’ve decided to take a break from the typical subjects and discuss a bit of my new/rediscovered favorite things from my Blog Sabbatical (that’s the official title we’re using for it now). So just think of me as a less exciting, less successful Oprah, giving you a list of my favorite things (minus the part where I actually give said things to the audience…okay, it’s really nothing like Oprah).

Favorite New/Rediscovered Things

  1. Dunkin Donuts Iced Coffee: It’s not quite a revolutionary item for the list, nor is it ‘new’ to me, but with the rediscovery of the warm spring weather comes the rediscovery of this delicious nectar. One coconut iced coffee, with cream no sugar. Please and Thank you. DD iced coffee never fails to remind me of summer, and to be able to drink it again without freezing to death is quite a spectacular feeling.
  2. E.L.F. brand: I was at Target the other day and I came across a shelf of incredibly inexpensive make-up. My first reaction was that some grave mistake had been made in marking prices. My second thought was that I better take advantage of this mix-up before someone realized. Either way, I spent a total of $5 and got some of the best quality lipstick and eye-shadow that I’ve ever used.
  3. Men’s sunglasses: I seem to have misplaced my own favorite pair of sunglasses. This made me quite upset, considering how well they had fared despite my constant manhandling of them. I went to the store to buy a new pair (never over $20, that’s my rule) and I couldn’t find any I liked. Then my mother (that’s two shout-outs now) moved on over to the Men’s section and picked up a pair of Ray-Ban-esque sunglasses. Needless to say, they were perfect and I am quite content with my purchase. After all, I’m not one for the bug-eyed look.
  4. I-pod/phone free dictionary app: Why didn’t I add this sooner? And it was free! So here’s to improving my vocabulary!
  5. Out of Print Clothing: I’ve posted about them before, but I never got around to getting the Sherlock Holmes shirt of my dreams. Instead, however, my mom went ahead and purchased me a lovely Great Gatsby t-shirt that I am more than overjoyed to have. Now to restrain myself from spending hundreds of dollars on the website…
  6. Traveling: I took a short trip to NY to visit a friend over break, and as I hopped from train to train, I experienced a sense of nostalgia. I miss traveling, like I did so frequently when I was abroad. I even stuck to my rule that I developed when in Europe– always wear a scarf when traveling. That way, you can use it as either a pillow, blanket, or blindfold to keep out the light. I have used it for all three and I am not ashamed.
  7. Bagels: I can’t even begin to count that number of bagels I consumed over break. I don’t care how bad for you they are, they will forever be my weakness.
  8. Eureka: This SyFy television show is practically unheard of, which I see as a real shame. The premise: a U.S. marshal and his daughter find themselves stranded, and later at home, in a town a geniuses. Honestly, check it out. It’s heartwarming yet hilarious.

So that’s about it for my favorite things. As I said, my break was pretty low-key. But now it’s time to get back to blogging– a past time I actually really do enjoy. Back to school, back to blogging.