College: The Final Semester


Back at school for my final semester. While it might be snowy and bleak here right now, I’m looking forward to some beautiful spring weather (yep, any day now would be wonderful). I love going to school in Rhode Island, with a campus right on the ocean. It’s beautiful here and I can’t believe I have to leave it all behind soon. Well, before then I’ll be sure to enjoy every moment– even the  damp, frigid winter. So what if our campus is basically one large wind tunnel, it’s worth it for the view, right?

As I mentioned earlier, my blogging my decrease a little bit now that I’m back at school. Hopefully, however, I can keep at it since I really do find it sort of therapeutic. We’ll just have to wait in see.




Sharing a Tune.

I think I got this song as a free download from i tunes about a year ago, and now I can’t stop listening to it. Sure, it may technically be a Christmas song, but come December 26th, I’ll still be hitting the repeat button.


Winter White, by A Fine Frenzy


Technical difficulties in embedding the song link (does any one know an easy way to do this? if so, please let me know).